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What is going on in the Learning Commons at BCS?

PBS Design Squad - Balloon Cars
Robo Wheel

We have completed our Maine Student Book Award and Chickadee Award voting.  A Boy and A Jaguar by Alan Rabinowitz won for our school.  We will have to wait and see which one wins for the State.

Finding Winnie by Lindsay Mattick

About the Book - Finding Winnie
​New Article - Lindsay Mattick
​Real Photos from the Book
Winnie the Pooh Exhibit

A Bear Named Winnie Movie 1:29:50

A Boy and a Jaguar by Alan Rabinowitz
Interview with Alan Rabinowitz
Jaguar Preserve - Belize

Hana Hashimoto, Sixth Violin by Cheri Uegaki
Let it Go - Violin Music
angelOnline Interactive

Windows to the World - Antarctica
February/March 2016
Travel with us as we explore the continent of Antarctica especially the areas in Canada and the United States.
Dragon's Enormous Egg
KidzSearch - Arctic vs. Antarctica
Peculiar Penguins
Emperor Penguin Migration

Windows to the World - North America
January 2016

Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla
by Katherine Applegate

I Am a Gorilla - av2 Website
Zoo Atlanta
Ivan at the Zoo Atlanta

San Diego Zoo
The One and Only Ivan

National Geographic- Gorillas

Blizzard by John Rocco
FEMA - Prepare for Winter Storms
Blackout Book Trailer
Blizzard Book Trailer
Rhode Island Weather News - Blizzard of '78

Little Dog Lost - the True Story of a Brave Dog Named Baltic by Monica Carnesi
Vistula River
Google Earth Research Sheet
Blog about Baltic

Who was Here? Discovering Wild Animal Tracks by Mia Posada
A-Z Animals
National Geographic Animals
​Marvel - Britannica

The Highest Number in the World by Roy MacGregor

winkHayley Wickenheiser - Olympic hockey player - Canada

enlightenedHockey - Learn about the sport of Hockey

Sheppard Software - Canada geography

North America - Kbears website


Going Places - Hour of Code - December 2015
This Month is the Hour of Code and we will be reading Going Places by Peter and Paul Reynolds
"A celebration of creative spirit, collaboration, and thinking - 
both figuratively and literally - outside the box."

Understands that creativity begins with imagination *ISTE1
Understands that there are a variety of tools of expressing imagined ideas*ISTE1
Is skilled at creating original works as a means of personal or group expression *ISTE1

winkGoing Places - Above and Beyond videos

enlightenedCreate a Car

Hour of Code information
Whose Is It Anyway? - November 2015
As we continue to remember to Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful - at school, at home, at play and online, students will:
Understands that ideas and information belong to people *ISTE5a
Understands why credit is given to other people’s ideas and work *ISTE5a
Understands when and how it is ok to use the work of others *ISTE5a
Is skilled at giving credit to other people’s ideas and work *ISTE5a
Kindergarten to Second Grade - My Creative Works
"Students are introduced to the concept of having ownership over creative work.  They practice putting their name and date on something they produce."


Third to Fifth Grade - Whose Is It, Anyway?
"Students learn that copying the work of others and presenting it as one's own is called plagiarism.  They also learn about when and how it's ok to use the work of others."

Fifth Graders will be doing a research project based on the book Talking Walls by Margy Burns Knight.

mailTalking Walls

Windows to the World - November 2015
Travel with us as we explore the continent of Australia, New Zealand and the areas of Oceania.

Elizabeth, Queen of the Sea by Lynne Cox

News Article - Memories of Avon River's Sea Elephant

Explore New Zealand - National Geographic

Elephant Seals - National Geographic

California Elephant Seals 

Digital Citizenship - October 2015
October (and every month) is Digital Citizenship month.  All students will be learning that being a good citizen happens school, at home and online.  

Ask your student what it means to T.H.I.N.K!  Watch some of these videos as a family as you Pause and Think About It!  

enlightenedPause and Think About it - Common Sense Media

Before you post online T.H.I.N.K. -
T - is it true?
H - is it helpful?
 I - is it inspiring?
N - is it necessary?
K - is it kind?

Kindergarten - Going Places Safely
Kindergarteners will learn to be safe in every place they go, including online.  Check out the animals at the San Diego Zoo for a safe website to go to.

heartGoing Places Safely - San Diego Zoo 

Kindergarteners can practice mouse/track pad manipulation techniques as they create their own house design.  

  mailBuild a House

First Grade - Staying Safe Online
First graders will learn to "Listen to their Gut", that gut-feeling they have when being put in different situations.  Green means go safely, Yellow means use caution, Red means stop and think about it.

mailMy Online Neighborhood - Common Sense Media

Second Grade - Keep It Private
Second graders will learn the different between private and personal information.  Private information (like full names, addresses, credit card information)should be kept private.  Personal information is ok to share. (favorite color, hobby, favorite book).  Students will also understand that they leave a Digital Footprint when they go online.

yesFollow the Digital Footprint - Common Sense Media

Online Assessment K-2

Third Grade - Private and Personal Information
Third graders will learn what information should be kept private (like full names, addresses, credit card information) and that personal information is ok to share. (favorite color, hobby, favorite book).  Third graders will also realize how the Power of Words affect others.

cryingPower of Words - Common Sense Media

Fourth Grade - Digital Citizenship
Fourth graders will learn what it means to be a good citizen at home, at school and online.

angel Super Digital Citizen - Common Sense Media

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders will learn how to talk safely online and how talking online might be different than having a person to person conversations.

Mindful Messaging - Common Sense Media

Perspectives on Chatting Safely Online - Common Sense Media

Online Assessment 3-5

  mailMy Creative Works -

Sticks and Stones and Wall Around Us - September 2015

Neighborhood Rock Identification


Mrs. Wheeler's LiveBinder PW bcs


History for Kids

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